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 Policies and Waivers, Parents please, sign, print and bring to camp.

BakeologyU Rules

Kids Cooking Camps Summer 2020

  • I agree that my child will arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before the scheduled start time of camp each day. Our Chef/staff are busy preparing for the days activities and will not be able to care for your child prior to 8:50 am each morning.
  • This is a drop-off only camp, parents are not allowed to stay and watch or participate in the camp each day. Chairs will be available outside and can watch thru the window.
  • Campers are to be picked up no later than 10 minutes after the end of camp each day. Late pick up fees will apply to any child remaining in our classroom past 12:10pm. Late fees are as follows $20 after 12:10 thru 1st 10 minutes, 15 minutes late is $30, 20 minutes late $50. Payment due at pickup. No exceptions.
  • Campers should have a breakfast at home, bring a snack and water.
  • Campers are responsible for their behavior each day. Our chef/staff will give clear rules about what is and isn't acceptable behavior. Campers who violate the rules set forth will receive one warning, followed by a “time out” from camp activities for a designated period, and finally a pick - up call to their parent or guardian if their behavior has disrupted camp 3 times in one day. No refund if child is not allowed back to camp.
Clothing & Personal Items:
  • Campers are required to wear closed toed, rubber soled shoes. No flip flops.
  • Hair longer than the chin must be kept in a ponytail. Please not hats.
  • Students will be allowed to keep any personal belongings in tray. Cell phones must be kept in the tray at all times unless approved use by an instructor is allowed.
  • No toys, games or valuables allowed to camp.
  • Camper should bring a WATER BOTTLE!

Cancellation Policy:

Space is extremely limited in our camps and we therefore adhere to a strict cancellation policy. You may cancel without penalty up to one week ( 7 days ) before the start date of your camp. Within one week no refunds will be given, nor will refunds be available after the start of camp. No refunds will be given if your child is disruptive and is sent home. We reserve the right to cancel the camp due to lack of enrollment or for any reason at any time, in which case a full refund will be issued. No refund or make up class for any No show , sickness or lateness.

Signed: ______________________________ ( Parent or Guardian)

Please print your name: __________________________ Date: _____________

Cell Phone:_______________________________

Alternate Cell Phone and Contact Name: _______________________________

Name of Camper: ______________________________

Name of Camper: ______________________________

Insurance Information/Hospital in your network: __________________________________

Week Camp(s) Attending: ____________________________

Print and bring with waiver form and insurance card 1st day of camp.


BakeologyU Baking Camp Release & Waiver

Cooking Camps 2020

I approve of my child’s participation in all camp activities, with the understanding that such activities carry an inherent risk. I hereby agree to hold harmless of any liability Annette Galetti, Ana's Bakery, BakeologyU, Chefs and Family and any / all of it’s current or future principles and participants, regardless of circumstance while my child is on the premises.

I understand that this means that Annette Galetti, Ana's bakery, BakeologyU, Chefs and Family be held harmless in case of injury, illness, loss or damage to myself or my child while they are participating in any camp activities or on our property. I have informed Annette Galetti, Ana's Bakery, BakeologyU, Chefs and Family of any special dietary restrictions, allergies, required medications, or medical conditions that would be pertinent during the days of camp. I am aware that participation in a culinary event has inherent risks and dangers including but not limited to burns, knife wounds and food-borne illness. I further understand that while Annette Galetti, Ana's Bakery, BakeologyU, Chefs and Family will make every effort to accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies, this facility frequently utilizes ingredients that contain common allergens including dairy, soy, nuts, seafood etc, and can not guarantee anything made in our kitchen to be completely safe for those with serious allergies to consume.

I further agree to consent to immediate medical attention should my child need treatment by a medical professional as deemed necessary by our staff. I understand that minor injuries that require simple first aid will be administered on site by our staff. I agree to allow the staff to call for an ambulance if they deem necessary for larger injuries.

I consent to allow my child to be photographed for market purposes and that his/her image may be used in promotional material for our camps with my permission.

I further agree NOT to hold Annette Galetti, Ana's Bakery, BakeologyU, Chefs & Family, Staff liable for any COVID-19 related illnesses. We will adhere to all CDC and County guidelines for cleanliness, distancing and disinfection procedures.

Signed( Parent or Guardian)

Please print your name: ____________________________ Date: ______________

Name of Camper: ______________________________________________________

Camp(s) Attending: ________________________________________